Learning Python

Programming skills at any level are an invaluable resource in any field. The sooner you pick up programming skills the sooner you will start finding and fixing inefficiencies in your daily processes. You do not need to have a programming background to begin, and you …

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Google Chrome

The chrome browser is an invaluable tool as a developer through the included DevTools. It is ideal for troubleshooting because it allows you to see how the page is being rendered behind the scenes. Ctrl+Shift+i (Windows) or Cmd+alt+i (OSX) will become your best friend. There are several extensions …

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Subtle Patterns

I often get stuck at the point where I need to choose a background for my site. It requires a balance between attractiveness and subdued nature that adds to the overall effect of your page’s design without distracting from its contents. Enter subtle patterns, a site …

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A shift towards responsive web design requires more than acquiring new coding skills. Organizational changes may be in order, including a shift towards agile development, and a blurring of the lines between design and code. To best facilitate the prototyping of a responsive design the … Read More »

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