Learning Python

Programming skills at any level are an invaluable resource in any field. The sooner you pick up programming skills the sooner you will start finding and fixing inefficiencies in your daily processes. You do not need to have a programming background to begin, and you do not need to be a pro to reap the benefits.

Python is my favorite programming language because it has a low barrier to entry, shallow learning curve, and multitude of practical applications. If you have a Mac python is already installed on your operating system and you can begin just by open up the terminal application and typing python at the command prompt. Some practical applications of python include but are not limited to:

  • task automation
  • web development
    • Requests
    • Beautiful Soup
    • Paramiko
    • Flask
    • Django
  • software development
    • Odoo
    • Tryton
    • wxWidgets
  • science + math, machine learning
    • SciPy
    • Pandas
  • education

Whether you are just getting into programming for the first time or are an experienced developer python will be an invaluable tool for you. If you’re wondering how python could help you, start with Automate the Boring Stuff and start accelerating your productivity today.

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