The New One Minute Manager

As you gain experience and perform well in your career your upward trajectory will likely move you into a management role. At this point you have proven yourself in your field, but you will find yourself dealing with challenges that you haven’t been trained for. Most companies do not train their managers, so you will likely have to learn through your own observations and personal enrichment. The New One Minute Manager is a quick read which gives you three basic principles to follow:

  1. One Minute Goals
  2. One Minute Praise
  3. One Minute Redirection


Setting One Minute Goals is the beginning of One Minute Management.
Our Manager works with us to make it clear what our responsibilities are and what we are being held accountable for.
instead of setting our goals for us, he listens to our input and works side-by-side with us to develop them.
Our Manager makes sure we know what good performance looks like because he shows us. In other words, expectations are clear to both of us.
one of your goals for the future is for you to identify and solve your own problems.
‘If you can’t tell me what you’d like to be happening,’ he said, ‘you don’t have a problem yet. You’re just complaining. A problem only exists if there is a difference between what is actually happening and what you desire to be happening.’
Adapting to change is one of my main goals.


Help People Reach Their Full Potential. Catch Them Doing Something Right.
People Who Feel Good About Themselves Produce Good Results.


he would let me know in very specific terms when I was doing well and when I wasn’t. He cautioned me that it might not be very comfortable at first for either of us.
Praising people doesn’t always work if it isn’t combined with Re-Directs to correct mistakes when they occur.
One Minute Re-Direct in two parts. In the first half he focuses on my mistake. In the second half he focuses on me.


Goals make clear what is most important to focus on, Praisings build confidence that helps you succeed, and Re-Directs address mistakes. And all three of these help people feel better about themselves and produce good results.
productivity is more than just the quantity of work done. It is also the quality.
The Best Minute I Spend Is The One I Invest In People.
Everyone Is A Potential Winner. Some People Are Disguised As Losers. Don’t Let Their Appearances Fool You.
Take a Minute To Look At Your Goals. Then Look At What You’re Doing And See If It Matches Your Goals.
We Are Not Just Our Behavior. We Are The Person Managing Our Behavior.
Goals Begin Behaviors. Consequences Influence Future Behaviors.

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